Welcome to Rachel

Helloooo all and welcome to the other (Dark) side of the blog :p

After just graduating from university with a degree in English Literature, and with an insane passion for film/tv/books and generally unleashing my inner geek, I thought what better way to channel that than to write a blog, full of my ramblings about life. I’m a proud fan of endless shows and films, and I always look to become interested in new things (and I have a ton of things on my list to watch/read.) But here for your enjoyment is 10 fun facts about me to start with:

  1. My dissertation was entitled ‘Representations of Family in Harry Potter’
  2. I think Joss Whedon is an utter genius with the ability to make you laugh out loud and cry buckets -anything the man does turns to gold.
  3. I have an extremely ecclectic taste and will pretty much try anything. Any suggestions on what to read or watch are always welcome!
  4. My favourite chocolate is Galaxy (but then again I like any kind of chocolate)
  5. I love Musical Theatre – I cannot sing to save my life but the experience of live theatre gives me goosebumps.
  6. I reqularly attend conventions and have met some of my favourite actors/actresses because of them.
  7. One day I would love to go travelling in America and New Zealand.
  8. I love Disney, particularly classic, and think the stories hold great morals for children.
  9. I think football is overrated but enjoy watching rugby, tennis, and athletics
  10. I often quote movies and tv shows in daily life and I’m one of those annoying people that picks up quotes easily and recites them whilst watching it.

So sit back, relax and enjoy the ride with me


Mal: “This is the captain. We have a…little problem with our engine sequence, so we may experience some slight turbulence and then…explode.” Serenity

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