Cup Cake Monsters

So I spent my Saturday afternoon attempting to make these Cookie Monster and Elmo cup cakes.


They went reasonably well (make your own decision when you a) see the recipe photo b) attempt to make them yourself). However there are a couple of Top Tips I’d like to mention for anyone who is going to pursue this challenge. Follow this link to the recipe, then read below for some tips which will make your baking better.

Top Tips.

1) DO NOT, DO NOT, DO NOT, follow the butter icing measurement guide. You will literally need about a fifth of what they suggest. I have two bowls of butter icing left over… I cant even imagine what they used it on.

2) I didn’t wait 2 hours for the coconut to dry (mainly because I am impatient) but it didn’t affect my cakes. I just left them in the bowl I coloured them in and then spooned it onto my cakes after.

3) For anyone who doesn’t like coconut, I found chocolate sprinkles worked the same (but you obviously can’t colour them so you have to have brown monsters).

4) Use white chocolate buttons for the eyes instead of more butter icing.

5) Make sure your cakes are BIG, they need to rise a lot so that it’s easy to get the cookies in.
I hope these tips make your baking experience easier! Aprons on, Ready, Steady, BAKE!



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