Doctor Who vs. Merlin

So, the star of Autumn is almost upon us, which for me brings an end to boring Saturday night TV and the return of my favourite kind of show – and no I’m not talking about The X Factor (although I will probably be watching it as I do every year.)

No I am of course talking about the anticipated and long over-due return of Doctor Who, and the annual fall return of Merlin. I discovered Doctor Who when the re-boot of the show happened 7 years ago, with Russell T Davies at the helm and Chris Eccleston as the 9th reincarnation of the Doctor, although I will admit to not becoming totally obsessed with it until David Tennant’s portrayal. My discovery of Merlin was partly because of Anthony Stewart Head’s involvement with the show as a main character, and because it filled the hole of Doctor Who in the autumn, a position which used to be held by BBC’s version of Robin Hood (and don’t get me started on that show – I had so many expectations of it….). I kept up with it from a distance, but over the years became much more in love with the series until last year when I did not miss a single week.

Now that, because of scheduling changes with Doctor Who, both series will be appearing around the same time it has come to my attention that the series that I thought I’d be looking forward to the most, isn’t actually the one I thought it would be. Even though there isn’t a definite air date set for either series, it is thought that Doctor Who will start to air around the last weekend of August and because it is only a 6 episode season this year, Merlin will start to air pretty much the week after – around late September, fitting in to its usual slot in the schedules.

Anyway, to the whole point of this post. It suddenly dawned on me having seen both trailers, I was struck by the fact just how poorly put together the Doctor Who one was-the teaser released earlier this year was a bit ‘meh’ although this one shows more promise. However compared to the Merlin trailer, it just pails in comparison. Maybe it does have something to do with the fact the Merlin trailer is accompanied by an immense Muse song, which I now cannot keep off repeat. But even without that, it shows a darker season, and one that I’m looking forward to seeing!

Take a look at both trailers and see if you agree with me.

Merlin Series 5 Trailer

Doctor Who Series 7 Trailer


The Doctor: Today I honour the victims first- his, the Master’s, the Daleks, all the people that died because of MY mercy

Amy Pond: See this is what happens when you travel alone for too long

(Doctor Who Series 7)


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