July 2012 saw the release of the long awaited second take of the modern day The Amazing Spider-Man. Fans were nervous (myself very much so), critics were eager and the youngsters excited. Was it going to live up to the comics? Was it going to live up to the first trilogy? Or was it going to be a complete and utter flop?

Marc Webb stepped up and took the challenge of the Spider-Man remake and boy, has he done it justice. The film sees a dark and more twisted side of Peter Parker revealed as he takes on his mission to fight evil. Although the basic gist of the story is the same there are some slight changes, the main for me being the fact that Peter Parker makes his own web, rather than it being a part of his inherited powers. A second element which I didn’t take a liking to was the amount of times Spider-Man unmasked himself! Come on!! Rule number one of a MYSTERY superhero: don’t show people who you are!

Despite this, Garfield gives a spectacular performance, making geeky sexy, tough and a wannabe trait. His scenes with Emma Stone (playing Garfield’s on screen love interest Gwen Stacy) were captivating and I think every girl will have gone weak at the knees out of lust for him. Stone also gives a surprising performance. A risky choice for the character as we usually see Stone in comedic roles; she shows her abilities of taking on a more serious role and does this very well.

Webb has done well to make the story fresh and it fits in well with the current superhero theme we’re seeing across our silver screens. Although some parts could probably have been left out – too much cheesy mobile phone action for me – the film on a whole is definitely worth a watch!


Spider-Man: ‘Ahem, you know, if you’re going to steal cars, don’t dress like a car thief.’
Car Thief: ‘You a cop?’
Spider-Man: ‘You seriously think I’m a cop in a skin-tight red and blue suit?’


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