Doctor Who 7.01 “Asylum of the Daleks”

So, these are gonna be an extremely LATE set of reviews in preparation for the final episode this Saturday, and the emotional exit of the Ponds. Asylum of the Daleks was an impressive opening episode written by showrunner Steven Moffat and also saw the return of the Daleks.

Now for those eager beavers (me included), the small 5-part drama Pond Life that aired online the week leading up to the first episode was delightful for those die-hard fans, craving any clues to the series ahead. However it did leave us with a slight 24-hour cliff-hanger when it showed Rory leaving and Amy crying, leaving the impression that they had broke up.

Queue Saturday night where my house was silent (my housemates having been pre-warned about my tendencies to shout if people spoke during my TV time).  Despite the fact that there had been a few screenings of the first episode both in the UK and America, Steven Moffat had asked for no spoilers to be revealed which was a good thing because….


Wait! What? Is that…NO…OH MY GEEKY GOODNESS YES! It’s Jenna Louise Coleman aka the new companion after the Ponds leave (although she’s a couple months early!) Sneaky Moffat fibbed to us all and there was Jenna appearing as Oswin Oswald; charming, sexy, full of tenacity and extremely witty (enough to Give Matt Smith’s Doctor a run for his money) her actual fate revealed at the end of the episode leaves us feeling genuinely sorry for her character. Speculation has now been rife as to how she is going to appear in the Christmas episode when she officially takes on the role of companion.  I am now extremely excited to see what Coleman can do as I simply loved her character throughout this episode –those one liners!

But back to the other nitty gritty moments of the story. The Daleks are back, and they’re crazy, which makes for an even more scary version of them. I got to say the thing that creeped me out the most was the Daleks appearing as humans. It just made it even more terrifying and freaky.

However, my stand out moments this week can courtesy of the Ponds. It had been teased at during the mini online drama but the opening 5 minutes showed that Rory and Amy’s relationship had deteriorated to the point that they were going to get divorced. The idea that something major had happened to their relationship is definitely unsettling seeing as the couple have been so stalwart previously.

The scene with the admission that Amy now has problems conceiving children after Demon’s Run is heartbreaking and is acted beautifully by Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill. It has always been a long-running suggestion that Rory loved Amy more because he waited for her for 2,000 years. However, Amy reveals that she is just as invested in their relationship as he is, proclaiming that she gave him up. We see her vulnerable side and through this the couple mend, bringing them back to perhaps the most happiest they’ve been together. I genuinely love this couple and these two actors have such a great chemistry together – you can tell that they are friends in real life and I feel they’ve built up a great on-screen relationship together.


So, the countdown to the end of the Ponds has begun! If the other episodes this series are anything like this, it’s gonna be a fantastic end for Amy and Rory!


Rory: So, how much trouble are we in?

The Doctor: How much trouble, Mr Pond? Out of ten? Eleven. (Asylum of the Daleks)


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