Tacky T.V…

As I sit here and ‘save money’ (waste yet another Saturday night) I am thoroughly enjoying the TV that’s on offer…which makes a change. First I was able to watch a fresh batch of celebrities grace the dance floor with beautiful waltzes and cheeky cha cha chas; dreaming only of disco balls, glitter and thigh high dresses; seeing Brucey and being taken me back to my childhood (for some unknown reason… I assume he must have been in something I used to watch). Despite the glitter, I must admit the Olympic puns are getting pretty tiresome and it’s only week one – poor Louise Smith seems to be getting the brunt of it. And as soon as the scores are in it’s time to switch over to ITV….

The X factor actually kicked off weeks ago…but this is when it gets good; when the good, the bad and the ugly have been sifted through and the ones worth watching float to the surface. Most years there are a couple of contestants who get through clearly only to make good TV, but this year it seems they have all chosen contestants who can actually sing! (You’d have thought it was a singing competition).

I won’t lie, a month ago I was turning my nose up at the thought of spending consecutive Saturday nights in front of the TV, but here I am; hooked – despite how annoyed I am at myself. It’s not that I feel the need to watch it religiously, but I do look forward to it after my tea. And after the Olympics/Paralympics finishing I need something in my life to fill the empty void.


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