Taken 2 Review

Liam Neeson is back as Bryan Mills and ready to kick ass in the second film in the Taken franchise. The first film in 2008 became extremely popular, and put Neeson in the category of ‘I want him to be my Dad’ (or is that just me that wishes that).

Liam Neeson, Maggie Grace (as Bryan’s daughter Kim) and Famke Janssen (as Bryan’s estranged wife Lenore) are all back in the sequel and this time it is Bryan that they want. While the family are holidaying in Istanbul, the relatives of the bad guys from the first movie have come for revenge on Bryan and his family, leaving Bryan to ‘do what he does best’ and save himself and his family.

The action is Istantbul doesn’t kick in til about 10/15 minutes into the movie, and before this we get a taste of the family dynamic the 3 have created. It is clear that the events of the first movies are still visible and Bryan is still as over-protective as ever, leading to some hilarious scenes (I found them far more entertaining and amusing that I should have but all the same there are some light moments in this film.) One other thing I must comment on: Maggie Grace. The character of Kim must be around 17/18 by now and Grace is actually 29! Although at one point you can perhaps see the true age of the actress,  the rest of the time the make-up and hair departments have done a great job at hiding the true age of Grace and making audiences believe she is a teenager.

The film itself is only 90 minutes long, so there’s no risk of getting fidgety in your seats, and once the action starts, the film moves quickly. There certainly are fewer fight scenes in this movie, and Neeson has no problem with dispatching some of the kidnappers (a little too easy?) but still you have no problem in believing that Liam Neeson is someone not to be messed with. The location of Turkey has also been fully utilised as the shots of the rooftop and market place chases are brilliant, capturing the hustle and bustle of the city. Throw in a great car chase sequence and the movie is still a great sequel – not as good as the first movie albeit, but still well worth a watch!

Bad Guy: (In different language) I shot some guy

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