A Rollercoaster Ride With John Bishop…..

Thanks to Sport Relief John bishop is somewhat of a family name these days, the happy chappy from Liverpool is now a regular on comedy panel shows, and since he teamed up with James Cordon on A League of Their Own Bishop has sky rocketed to comedian fame. Having been a fan from his smaller days and in anticipation of his third UK tour I bought tickets (a year in advance) and the night has finally come round.

I will admit after the first DVD I was expecting big things, but then the second came out and I was slightly disheartened. So it was with apprehension that I took my seat and waited what could either have been a night of comedy gold, or a massive disappointment.

Luckily for Bishop (I say this as though my opinions are going to have a major effect on his career) he didn’t disappoint. Although his entrance was a bit tacky it did get a few laughs. The first half of his show was incredible, it was fast paced and not all about his kids – which I had expected the whole thing to be about; again. The second half, although still brilliant, was slower, the jokes were longer and the repetitiveness made a small appearance. Considering this I have seen worse attempts at long winded jokes so it wasn’t too bad.

Bishop was owning the stage, his speech pace was perfect and he was a real joy to watch. The best thing though, whether this was real or not, was that he looked like he was really enjoying himself. I’ve been to plenty of comedy tours, and they’re always better when the comedian is having a good time. Bishop’s jokes reflected his life, but unlike most comedians he showed us the good times rather than whining about the crap parts

If you haven’t got tickets to the tour, make sure his DVD is on your Christmas list.


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