It’s SHOWTIME with Michael McIntyre….

Michael McIntyre has been on the comedy scene for quite some time now, and his most recent tour was the one most fans have been waiting for. I feel the third (big-timer) comedy tour is always the most anticipated. The first tour is for the people who have followed the comic from comedy club status, the second is for those who have bought the first tour DVD and like them off the telly, but by the third is where it really counts; they are now a household name and the expectations are high.
Michael McIntyre is one of the more well know comedians and so he had a lot to live up to with this tour. Tickets went on sale (at a hefty price) and sold out 12 months before he was due to reach some cities; as I sat and listened to his performance I asked myself: was it worth it? The answer: No
Now I am veteran fan, I promoted his first DVD with a passion and got all my friends involved, I attended his second tour following it up with a purchase of his second DVD, and so yes I will admit that I did have very high hopes for this tour. And I don’t blame myself, I’d paid a lot of money, waited a long time and I was expecting big things. Previously I have been to see Lee Evans (my all-time favourite but no bias), and he still managed to deliver a tour that was totally brand new.
Don’t get me wrong McIntyre was funny for the most part, but by the end of it I was itching to go home. Yes it’s great to show off your improb skills by interacting with the audience, but not for the whole show! I’ve paid to see you tell jokes, not take the piss out of the lady who can’t laugh properly in the front row; if I wanted that I would have gone to see Frankie Boyle.
The thing that annoys me the most is when a comedian plays on a joke that has been previously successful for them; e.g. Peter Kay and his Garlic Bread. McIntyre wasn’t as bad as Kay, but the same thing kept happening, it was like having a stint of déjà vu. I just wanted to scream, GET NEW JOKES!!!!! Repetition is the comedian’s downfall.
I wanted to write this earlier, but due to the tour still having a few dates left I thought it best not to dampen sprites. Sorry McIntyre, you haven’t done it for me this time.

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