The X Factor or should we call it The Fix Factor

Reality TV competition shows – you either love them or hate them. I love them – I find them incredibly addictive and just can’t help but get swept up in the drama of it all. Every year there’s always a sob story, an entertainer who doesn’t really have the best voice but an epic personality and a couple of amazing talented singers. This year is no exception and it seems that the age old argument of the show being a fix is rearing its head again.

The contestants in the firing line this year are Rylan Clarke and Christopher Maloney. Now my personal opinions of these two contestants are polar opposite – I love Rylan – even though he doesn’t have the best singing voice, he has a brilliant personality and genuinely entertains. You can also sense he is a genuinely nice guy as well, whereas Christopher is not entertaining, is slightly annoying and quite frankly doesn’t seem that nice either. Every week they have managed to escape the bottom 2 (even though I’ve been secretly hoping Rylan wasn’t in it) but these past 2 weeks it has become painfully obvious that something isn’t right.

Last week, it seemed time was up but instead we got battle of the boybands and District 3 were sent home. This week, again it seemed even more obvious that they should be in the bottom 2 – to be honest I would’ve loved to have seen Rylan versus Christopher so Rylan could smash Chris to pieces. I feel that because Rylan is more entertaining he should be in longer than Chris. However this did not happen – in fact neither of them were in the bottom and instead two singers who both should have been in the final were left to fight it out, leading to the biggest shock in the show’s history. 16 year-old singer Ella Henderson left with her head held high-composed and mature but I was left shocked that this result even happened. It seems that no one is voting for Christopher Maloney, but then somehow he makes it through. It begs the question who is voting and how fair is this style of voting. Would it better to vote for people you would rather see leave the competition?

What’s clear is that this week and next week’s show will be even more interesting. The Xtra Factor (the show that airs right after the results show) demonstrated that the contestants, the presenter and the public were all shocked by the result. Rylan looked positively distraught and claimed he felt guilty that he was still there and that Ella was not. Chris however looked as happy as pie, possibly angering viewers everywhere (well this viewer anyway). Tulisa looked furious after the results were announced and again on the Xtra Factor – she even said she blames Christopher. It’ll be interesting to see what the backlash is like and just how next week’s results will pan out.

One thought on “The X Factor or should we call it The Fix Factor

  1. I totally agree with this… the title couldn’t be worded any better! I don’t even like Ella but she definitely shouldn’t have been in the bottom two, and neither should James Auther. One good thing about this could be that she has a better chance of doing well… Winners curse? It seems all the runners up do better than the winner.. including Jedward! But has she left to early? We can only wait and see…..

    Kat (Jedward fan).

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