‘Cheryl – My Story’ by Cheryl

From Geordie girl, to Girls Aloud, to being Mrs Ashley Cole and to being just plain Cheryl, she’s had quite a colourful life to say the least. When I saw it for half price in the shop, I couldn’t resist. I do like a good autobiography, particularly for celebs that I like. Cheryl isn’t my favourite, but I thought it would be a good read and I wasn’t disappointed.

Like I said Cheryl has had a colourful life – from living in Newcastle where her family struggled to get by. Her pride for the city echoes throughout the book, and it seems her dream of becoming a pop star stated from a young age. Before her major public heartbreak and divorce from ex-husband Ashley Cole, it seems her heart was broken before by a heroin addict boyfriend and another cheater.

Other than early life heartbreak, she discusses happier times such as the early days of Girls Aloud, climbing Kilimanjaro, her success as a solo artist and her time on X Factor UK. I think after reading the book I’ve got a lot more respect for Cheryl, particularly her no-nonsense approach to the paparazzi. I recommend anyone who is a fan of Cheryl to go out and find it (to be honest you can probably find it in a charity shop). Even if you’re not a fan, but you like autobiographies, Cheryl has quite a few anecdotes about her life and her celebrity friends so I would still recommend it.


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