Merlin 5.12 ‘The Diamond of the Day’

The Diamond of the Day (part 1) was a slow-burner, but certainly set up the second part of the series finale, which now looks like it’s going to be a nail-biter of a last episode!

The episode opens with Morgana revealing her most powerful weapon yet – a creature that has the power to steal magical powers. She puts it to good use, ridding Merlin of his magic, forcing him into a vulnerable and weak position. He ventures to the Crystal Cave, a place where magic is supposed to be born to try and retrieve his lost powers and help Arthur in the final batter. Speaking of Arthur, he has decided to meet Morgana and her forces head on at the doomed place of Camlann. Gwen is at his side, providing support and guidance. Back at the cave, Morgana has discovered Merlin’s plan and traps him there. Merlin is visited by the ghost of his father at his lowest moment, providing words of wisdom for him to realise his true destiny and potential. The episode ends with the battle just commencing and Merlin emerging from the cave as his true magical self – the old man Emrys.

This episode was a solid start to the finale filled with some fantastic moments. We get a tiny glimpse of a confrontation between Morgana and Merlin, and Katie McGrath again puts in a great performance, as Morgana can finally see a way to achieve her goal. To see Mordred at her side is quite creepy, and even more so when he is slaughtering men whom he once fought alongside. There is also an incredibly touching moment in this episode and my personal favourite; a moment between servant and King where Merlin tells Arthur he cannot go with him to Camlann – it’s heartbreaking to watch, with Arthur telling Merlin he “was the bravest man I ever met” and Colin Morgan and Bradley James act out the scene beautifully. It’s touching to watch, and I’m only sorry that there weren’t more moments with the two of them – their relationship is really what is at the heart of this series, so hopefully they’ll be more scenes between these two in the last episode.

With less than 24 hours to go before the final episode airs, the countdown is certainly on.


Gaius: “If Arthur goes to Camlann the prophesy will come true and he will die.”

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