The Mentalist 5.06 ‘Cherry Picked’

CBS crime drama The Mentalist first hit our screens in 2008, and I jumped on this TV show the minute I saw the first episode. The first 10 minutes of the pilot alone were witty, intelligent and gold. And with the absolute charismatic, charming and beautiful Simon Baker as the show lead – how can you go wrong?

The premise to the show is based around the lead character Patrick Jane (Simon Baker) who acts as a consultant to the CBI (California Bureau of Investigation), and has a way of reading people, using his intelligence and his keen observation skills to help find who the culprit is –hence the name ‘Mentalist’. However, Jane has a difficult past; he was once a TV psychic and because of his remarks about the serial killer ‘Red John’ he then murdered his wife and daughter. Since then, he has worked tirelessly to try and find Red John. Jane uses the help of Teresa Lisbon (Robin Tunney) and the rest of the her CBI team to help him discover the true identity of Red John; Jane also has a flair for mischief and quite regularly gets himself in trouble, subsequently also causing hilarity for fans of the show,

The Mentalist is now in its 5th season, and has reached the 100 episode landmark, and is still fresh and interesting as always. The main cast are talented and each bring their characters to life, and Simon Baker is a fantastic lead – beautiful and charming, his smile lights up the screen (and my heart).

This episode is a typical structure for the series, with most episodes revolving around one case per week. What appears to be a kidnapping case of a rich and powerful government associate is soon turned on its head when it is revealed that it is their friends who were house sitting who have in fact been taken. It appears they were the targets all along, and with the kidnapper demanding 4 million dollars, the team must figure out who the kidnappers are before things go awry. It turns out that one half of the couple who were kidnapped is the mastermind behind the crime (I in fact clocked her as an accomplice before it was revealed) and after some terrific acting fake acting (get it?) they bring the pair to justice. We also get a Red John sub-plot in this episode as Jane tries to re-locate a important associate of Red John’s.

Over the 5 seasons the Red John plot has moved steadily, with glimpses and clues being left like breadcrumbs. It’ll be interesting to see how long the plot could continue for, and more importantly who Red John will be (it has been hinted in the past by executive producer and creator Bruno Heller that we have in fact met Red John before). I have stuck with this series since it first aired over in the UK, it is a fantastic show and I for one hope it doesn’t end any time soon.

Jane: If we catch Red John, he’s not walking anywhere. He’s mine.

Lisbon: Don’t talk like that. I can’t let you anywhere near the case if you start talking crazy like that.

Jane: Crazy? You’re crazy is you think you’re gonna stop me. Red John is mine! You try to stand in my way and you – you will regret it (The Mentalist 1.23 Red John’s Footsteps)

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