Tis the Season for Awards

For the longest time now the months of January and February have brought one of my favourite times of year – film awards season! It all kicks off properly this Sunday with the Golden Globes, but this past week has seen the nominations for the BAFTA’s and the Oscars come out so I thought it was appropriate to run down the main contenders for the tops awards across the board.



Steven Spielberg’s biopic about US President Abraham Lincoln is certainly one of the frontrunners for best film – it’s nominated for Best Picture across the major awards and Daniel Day-Lewis’ powerhouse performance as President Lincoln is quite possibly the one to beat in the Best Actor category. Sally Field and Tommy Lee Jones are also nominated in the Best Supporting categories. Spielberg has been a bit hit and miss with getting nominations for Best Director – he hit jackpot with an Oscar nod and Golden Globe, but was left out of the BAFTA nominations. However, I feel Lincoln will have a healthy awards season and tonight’s Globes could be the start of that.

Zero Dark Thirty

Kathryn Bigelow’s drama about the search for Osama Bin Laden, the biggest man hunt seen in recent years is also a very high possibility for Best Picture. It star Jessica Chastain is certainly one of the frontrunners for Best Actress given her stellar performance and Kathryn Bigelow could also potentially walk away with an award of two for her direction of the film. Sadly though, she won’t be winning her second Oscar as she was surprisingly snubbed in this year’s nominations.



Ben Afflek’s true story drama based around the Iranian hostage situation in the late 70’s could snake in and take Best Picture as it has started to pick up momentum in some of the smaller awards ceremonies. Alan Arkin has picked up an Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actor and Aflek has gotten several nominations for Best Director and even picked up a BAFTA Best Actor nomination. However, shockingly he is also not in the running for Best Director at the Oscars, a snub which perhaps comes down to the fact he is an actor turned director. However, I really hope this film does well – It’s such an awesome film and it deserves some recognition.



Silver Linings Playbook

David O. Russell’s comedy starring Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper had great critical reviews when it first came out and also stands a good chance at picking up some Best Picture awards, particulary at tonight’s Globes as the Best Film is split into drama and comedy – with the only film surely standing in its way being Les Misérables. Lawrence and Cooper both stand a good chance at Best Actor/Actress, particularly tonight at the Golden Globes when the categories are split.




Les Misérables

Tom Hooper’s movie based on the musical has also picked up Best Picture nominations across the board but Hooper has failed to pick up a lot of Best Director nominations. It stands a chance in the Best Song category with ‘Suddenly’ the new song specifically wrote for the film (and this award). Anne Hathaway is certainly the frontrunner in the Best Supporting Actress category for her amazing performance in this film, and Hugh Jackman has also picked up several nominations for Best Actor, including an Oscar nod. He certainly gives the performance of his career and he stands an even bigger shot of picking up the Globe with the categories again split into drama and comedy/musical.




Life of Pi

Ang Lee’s film looks visually stunning, and having picked up nominations from across the board he’s certainly in the race. However, I think this film will probably take some of the less dominant awards such as Cinematography and Visual Effects.






The Master

It seems nominations for this film have favoured the actors more so with Joaquin Pheonix, Amy Adams and Phillip Seymour Hoffman getting nominations left, right and centre for their roles in this film. Hoffman is probably the most likely to pick up something as Adams will be mostly up against the juggernaut train that is Anne Hathaway and Phoenix will be up again heavyweights Day-Lewis and Bradley Cooper.




Django Unchained

Tarantino’s latest film has had a mixed bag in this awards season – despite Leonardo DiCaprio giving a wonderful performance he failed to pick up a lot of nominations, with the Academy snubbing him in the Best Supporting Actor category in favour of his co-star Christoph Waltz. Tarantino himself also failed to get a nomination from the Academy for Best Director, but nonetheless he could still pick up a few wins in over ceremonies.



There is the main contenders for this year’s awards – as the season goes on, and we build to the finale that is the Academy Awards, we’ll have more of an inclination about who and what will take the big awards. I know I’ll certainly be keeping a close eye on everything.


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