Final Oscar’s Preview

After a solid months’ worth of Awards, glitz and glamour, the stage is set for the biggest night of them all – the Academy Awards; the culmination of the awards season, and perhaps the cherry on top of the cake.

As I’ve said before Awards season is my favourite time of year and I automatically geek out wanting to know who the favourites are and what is considered ‘top dog’. This year is no different; in fact I’d hedge a bet that I’ve been more involved this year, actively wanting to watch the films nominated (or stumbling upon them even before award season starts –Argo I’m looking at you.)

Now that most of the major awards ceremonies have passed and with only a week to go until the Oscars, we now have a much better idea on the frontrunners for each major award – some have been more of less show ins from the start, others not so much along a few surprises thrown into the mix. With this final Oscars preview I’m going to give a rundown on the major awards who is poised and ready to take the prize and who I want to win.

Best Picture

The race for the top prize has been mostly one sided, and not what people expected. Lincoln was expected to do well in awards season, with the might of Steven Spielberg and a powerhouse performance by Daniel Day-Lewis in its favour. However, much to my delight, it has been the underdog Argo picking up the Best Picture award left, right and centre and its now frontrunner for the prize. However, taking into account the Academy’s record of not giving the Best Picture award to a film where its director is not nominated for Best Director could stand against Argo on the night. In this case, I truly hope Argo triumphs on the night.

Best Actor

This category is pretty much locked down and the early favourite from the start Daniel Day-Lewis is certainly the favourite to take the award. He has competition from Bradley Cooper and an outside chance from Hugh Jackman but I’m sure nothing can stop Day-Lewis from winning his 3rd Oscar.

Best Actress

Best Actress is a little more difficult to guess as to how it’s going to go – it’s mainly been going to Jessica Chastain for Zero Dark Thirty or to Jennifer Lawrence for Silver Lining’s Playbook and on the night I think it’ll be one of these two that claims the prize. However the BAFTA’s threw in a wild card when 85 year-old Emmanuelle Riva won the award. It’s going to be interesting and difficult to call who it will go to but I would like to see Chastain prevail on the night.

Best Supporting Actor

Again another surprising category as Tommy Lee Jones was an early favourite for his turn in Lincoln; however he has only won one major award this season and the category has mainly been dominated by Christoph Waltz’s performance in Django Unchained.  All the nominees in this category are past Oscar winners, but I think Christoph Waltz will take the award.

Best Supporting Actress

Throughout the award season there has really only been one winner and surely nothing can derail her now? Anne Hathaway has been spending awards nights clutching trophies, and making gushing award speeches, and I’m hoping that come February 23rd she’ll be making another one.

Best Director

Now this category is very much wide open. Throughout the awards season it has been Ben Afflek who has mostly been triumphing in this category, and rightly so as Argo is a fantastic film. However, thanks to the Academy snubbing him earlier in the year, he won’t be taking away the Academy award. Kathryn Bigelow won’t be winning for Zero Dark Thirty either after the Academy snubbed her as well so this category is truly wide open; it’ll probably go to Steven Spielberg, but I hope it goes to David O’ Russell for Silver Linings Playbook. It’s a fantastic film and one that’s close to the director’s heart, evident from his interviews about the film and his actors gushing words about him. If it can’t be Afflek, I would be happy if it was him.

Best Song

Even though Les Mis wrote an entire new song, just for this category, I still think nothing can stop Adele triumphing with the fabulous ‘Skyfall’ from the Bond movie of the same name, flying the flag for the UK.


The Academy Awards air Sunday 24th February in America (or if you are in the UK the ceremony will star at around 1am).


“The Golden Globes are fun. The Oscars are Business.” (Warren Beatty)


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