Audience Participation At It’s Best – Rocky Horror

The Rocky Horror Show’s 40th Anniversary tour appeared at my local theatre and shivering with anticipation (get it?) I went along to my first ever live viewing of Rocky Horror.  Now I’d seen the movie a couple of times, but that doesn’t compare to showings of the movie in local cinemas or performances of the stage show. The theatre was packed, the audience dressed up as their favourite characters (including men in stockings and suspenders); the show brings a whole new meaning to the idea of audience participation.

So, imagine my perplexity as the audience actively sang loudly along to the songs, shouted “arsehole” and “slut” when the 2 main characters, Brad and Janet, were mentioned and when it was time for the most infamous song associated with the show “The Time Warp” the whole audience-including myself jumped up to dance to it. As a past drama student, I was infectious with the idea of this kind of audience – an active, lively and passionate one. Although it times I just wanted to concentrate more on the performances and what the characters were saying, I couldn’t help but enjoy the overall experience.

The production itself was also great featuring Ben Forster as Brad and Roxanne Pallett as Janet. It was a small cast but they worked together efficiently, and the set pieces were good, utilising the space and using clever props to create various scenes. The Rocky Horror Tour is touring around the UK until October and if you’re a fan of the movie and have never experienced it live, I fully recommend you go.


Riff Raff: With a bit of a mind flip…
Magenta: You’re into a time slip…
Riff Raff: And nothing can ever be the same.
Magenta: You’re spaced out on sensation. HAH!
Riff Raff: Like you’re under sedation!
All: Let’s do the time warp again!  (The Time Warp, from The Rocky Horror Picture Show)

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