Skyfall – Kat’s Review


I know Rach already covered this film when it first came out but I thought seen as I have only just watched it and have different views on the film I’d give my response.

I knew the commitment to watching the latest James Bond film was a big one, people had advised to watch it when I wasn’t nearing sleep, when I had a good length of time spare, when I had nothing else to do apart from watch and so after weeks of waiting for the optimum moment I committed.

As I write this I’m still unsure of where the hype came from. Yes it was the latest Bond film to be released so anticipation was always expected – but did it really deserve how much it got? People had been telling me that it was the best film they’d ever seen, the best Bond film by far, a breath of fresh air for Bond – but the whole time I was watching it, all I could think of was ‘how old does Daniel Craig look? He’s surely not going to do another one?’

Considering the film was released last year I was thoroughly surprised that the ending to the story had remained a secret to my ears – I must have been dead to the world to have missed it! But I’m very glad it did because if it hadn’t then it would have been pointless watching it.

The film itself had a feel of the older films; there were fewer gadgets, less big stunts and less of a storyline to follow. Usually when I watch a Bond film I spend the whole time trying to understand what’s going on, but for the first time I was able to follow what was happening. Even the Bond girl – if you could class Naomi Harris as the Bond girl in this flick) didn’t get her kit off!

After Bond escorting Her Royal Majesty to the Olympic Opening Ceremony I really thought the new film was going to epic – yes that’s a hard job to follow but Bond always pulls it out the bag, right? Sadly this time, I feel wrong. Better luck next time Bond.

‘Where the hell have you been?’  M
‘Enjoying death. 007 reporting for duty.’ Bond James Bond – Skyfall.


2 thoughts on “Skyfall – Kat’s Review

  1. Great review and awesome blog – consider yourself followed! You’re right about it being overhyped, I think it was because it was the 50th anniversary and unlike Quantum of Solace this one wasn’t completely awful. Overall I thought it was an average film that was majorly let down by the fact the bad guy had a plan that made no sense whatsoever – why blow up an underground station if all you want to do is kill M??

  2. Thank you, glad you’re enjoying the blog! Yes it did seem very strange, and the glass cell – very ‘The Hulk’/’Silence of the Lambs’. I think the fact we had some other top notch films out that year didn’t help in the hope of a great film. I also started to notice the major lack of character development with the Bond films, (for obvious reasons) but even still it made me feel even less enthusiastic towards it.

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