5 Things to do on a Sick Day

I’ve come to the conclusion that when you are feeling ill, feeling sorry for yourself  and you’ve taken a sick day off work there is a number of things that you can do -almost like a checklist:


1. Watching typical daytime TV – all that trashy daytime TV you miss out on when your at work can now finally be seen – you can stare at Phillip Schofield and judge the guests on Jeremy Kyle.

2. Catch up TV – you can finally catch up on all the things you’ve either recorded or just been meaning to watch-there’s hours to waste and there’s hours of TV to see.

3. Feel-good movies – remember that movie that you just love and haven’t seen in ages? Well now is your opportunity to watch it, just as your feeling sorry for yourself the most. Dig out your favourite movies or ones that just make you smile, get your duvet and camp out

4. TV Boxsets – Alternatively, you can dig out a boxset of a  beloved TV series and feast on that. Just by watching your favourite episodes or watching a whole season just to remember why you fell in love with the series in the first place will make you feel ten times better!

5. Eat what you want! – your feeling sorry for yourself already, and whilst your watching tv etc. your going to need snacks. Ice cream will help with a sore throat, team it with some chocolate and you’ve got a winning combination.


I know that I’ve certainly ticked a few of these boxes during my own sick day today – when your next feeling ill, go ahead and indulge, just for a day!


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