The Fault in our Stars…


There must be something in my subconscious which keeps leading me back to stories with a certain sadness as the past two I have read have not resulted in the ‘and they lived happily ever after’ scenario I crave.

However, this book gave me something else; it gave me another outlook on life. Following the life of a girl living with cancer, I was enlightened to get to the end of the book and think ‘just because someone has cancer doesn’t mean they are ‘dying’ from cancer, they are still living in that moment’, and this revelation made me feel, well, happy. Happy to know that in fact life goes on, that people living with cancer still fall in love, still Facebook stalk the person they love’s ex, they’re still (for want of a better word) normal.

Usually when I read a really good book I am always conscious that I am nearing the end, that the story is going to be over and that the mine and the character’s relationship is going to end, but here, although being a really good book, I was happy with the ending of the story. It felt like the end, like I’d had a snippet of Hazel’s (the lead) life, and I was contempt with knowing that she was happy.

A short, easy read story, with great depth. Not your usual pool side read but a good one nonetheless. I’ve enjoyed other works by John Green and The Fault in our Stars is no exception. I would highly recommend adding this book to you summer reading list.

“Some infinities are bigger than other infinities.”


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