The Vault – Blade


Made in 1998, this is definitely one from the vault! My initial reaction was that it was kind of like a male version of Buffy; vampires being slain, people with freak fighting abilities … you see where I’m coming from. The fact it was made so long ago, and the stage props and make up (mainly the fake blood) were extremely low-key compared to now-a-days, made the film all the more fun. I, (bearing in mind I scare easily) was able to watch it quite happily, without once having to shield my eyes.

With Wesley Snipes as the lead (Blade), it was great to watch an older actor in more of his prime years. He was great and reminded me of a modern day Will.I.Am (I don’t know why).

My favourite parts however, were the scenes showing the computer technology. The difference 15 or so years can make! This film is worth watching just to see what they once thought was futuristic, it’s an eye opener to how fast the world is moving, and may be an insight that the technology we see on the likes of Iron Man, could in fact be coming our way!

“I promise you, you’ll be dead by dawn.” – Blade to Frost.

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