The 12th Doctor is announced!

Back in June, Matt Smith announced that he would be bowing out in this year’s Christmas Special as The Doctor. Naturally, a lot of fans were heartbroken, but speculation immediately hit on who would be the next Doctor –would he be old? Would the cast the first black Doctor? Would they cast a woman?

Some quite frankly ridiculous suggestions have been bandied around by the British media; Dame Helen Mirren, Benedict Cumberbatch, Ben Whisaw and Tom Hiddleston have all had a mention at some point. The wait was finally over tonight as the BBC revealed the person who would be playing the next incarnation of the Doctor in a special live show. Since the announcement about the announcement, this actor has had only a few days of obscurity left, until they are thrown head-first into a role of a lifetime. And the lucky person is….


Scottish actor Capaldi already has built up quite a career for himself, with most knowing him as foul-mouthed Malcolm Tucker in The Thick of It, although it’s fair to say I don’t think he’ll be channelling that character in Doctor Who. He’s actually already appeared in an episode of Who (The Fires of Pompeii) and was also in series 3 of Torchwood, so he’s no stranger to the world of the Time Lord. I think he’s a fabulous actor and a brave choice, considering all those teenagers that love Matt Smith because they fancy him, probably won’t fancy Peter Capaldi (or maybe they will?)

I’m excited for the future of Doctor Who, and I just hope Moffat doesn’t mess it up!


Come the fuck in or fuck the fuck off. (Malcolm Tucker, The Thick of it)


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