P.S. I Love You – Paperback


Another of my well awaited holiday reads. This book has been top of my ‘read before see’ list for quite some time – probably since the film came out – and it  was with great anticipation that I finally got round to reading it. Now, I am probably going to offend a few people with what I am going to say, so if you love this book I would probably stop reading this post now…..

I hated it. I’m not sure if the hype it got from everyone may have done this, or if it just wasn’t my thing, but I did not see what everyone loved so much about it. I was so sick of Holly’s whinging that it took the story away from me. I get her husband died and I can’t begin to understand how that must be, but does it really have to be in every single chapter, sentence, word? (Can you tell I don’t care for love stories yet?) It just felt so girly and flimsy, that there was no real story to it.

I was rather disappointed that this book I had waited years to read had let me down, but I guess that’s what happens after rather a long period of super-heroes, mafias and medieval kings. It’s safe to say I’ve lost my girliness when it comes to love stories.


Don’t be afraid to fall n love again. Open your heart amd follow where it leads you….and remember, shoot for the moon…P.S. I will always love you… – Gerry – P.S. I Love You

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