The Wolverine

Hugh Jackman returns to the role that made him a household name in this second standalone Wolverine movie. Set after the events of The Last Stand, Logan is still dealing with the emotional aftermath carrying the baggage and guilt of Jean’s death, living in solitude in the mountains. Until a Japanese woman seeks him out and brings him to Japan to help a dying man’s wish.

At the very start of the film Logan gets in a fight at a bar after he finds a bear injured after a group of men hunt it in the woods. It’s great to see Logan get so angry over the bear, seeking justice even for such small a thing – it allows him to have a connection to something, despite him seeking solitude. It’s also brilliant to see cameos throughout the movie from Famke Janesson, reprising her role as Jean Grey in Logan’s hallucinations. The film gave a sense of closure to fans that felt short-changed at the change of direction The Last Stand took us in and I felt the new director James Mangold did a great job with everything.

Hugh Jackman is still the perfect Wolverine and he proves it again with brilliant action sequences, raw emotion and that same sarky manner we’ve come to know and love. It’s been 10 years since the first X-Men movie and he is still physically fit and toned. And a moment in the film where he’s naked in a bath tub – a highlight for many I’m sure.

The film suffers a little because of the storyline that they’ve come up with; the idea that it boils down to a family business rivalry and argument about money that’s gone wrong is a bizarre concept for a comic book movie, and viewers have come to expect bigger, with much more at stake. That’s not to say the film doesn’t have its plus points. As I’ve said the action sequences are great, particularly the bullet train fight and the sequence at the house towards the end. The film is a little typical, and you can certainly see some angles coming from a mile off but the action sequences, Hugh Jackman and a much more Wolverine focused film, it’s a good solid feature.

Soon after the film opened, word spread of an end credits scene that may or may not be a teaser for the hotly anticipated Days of Future Past. Filming has officially wrapped and original director of the first two X-Men films Bryan Singer is returning to the helm. The film will combine the original cast from the first three films, and incorporate the newer cast and seeing them all take the stage at this year’s Comic Con panel was slightly epic. From Singer’s tweeting to the emotive words the cast and crew gave, you can feel the passion coming from this project. The end credits managed to fit in Trask industries, the return of Magneto and Charles Xavier back from the dead and I bet James Mangold was happy to hand it back to Singer and say ‘you explain everything’.

Overall, The Wolverine is a solid movie, filled with some nice moments and ties up a few loose ends, but nicely teases fans for next year’s movie.

Mariko: This is the hotel owner’s grandson. He’s the one who fixed you up…

(Boy draws back fearfully)

And you may have cut him a few times. (The Wolverine)


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