Grey’s Anatomy 10×1 &10×2 –Season Opener

The show’s 10th 2 hour season opener is set right after the 9th season finale, dealing with the aftermath of the storm. There are more victims this time from a landslide that is caused from the storm which the team have to deal with. As well as this though, the doctors face some victims that are a little close to home.

Richard Webber is finally found in the generator room after being electrocuted at the end of the last season, but not before another victim is claimed in the form of Brooks the intern. When they are both found, the doctors take immediate action in order to save them, and whilst Webber makes it through both episodes alive, sadly Brooks dies which is a shame because she was one of my favourite interns -she had a kooky sense of character about her, and had a deadpan comedic flair.

Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) was mostly in a bed for the entirety of the opener after her labour and abdominal surgery. But she still managed to make some tough decisions regarding Webber’s health as she is named in his medical records as the person to make the calls on his health.

Meanwhile, April went back and forth over her feelings for both Matthew and Jackson. In both episodes she went from getting engaged to Matthew, to then breaking up, professing her feelings to Jackson and then going back and getting re-engaged to Matthew. To be frank, I’m getting a little tired over this storyline. The end game is hopefully to have April and Jackson get back together but at the moment, they are making April look extremely desperate, jumping back and forth between two men. All I can say is more fool Matthew for agreeing to marry her.

Two of the most interesting strands from the episodes were the fall outs from the breakdown of two relationships from last season -Owen and Christina and Callie and Arizona.  Owen & Christina continued to have sex through the opening before coming to the realisation that they would soon have to cut ties with each other, and even not friends. It’s really sad to see Christina mourning her relationship with Owen. Callie & Arizona continue to fight after Arizona’s infidelity; Callie announces to everyone that Arizona cheated on her and spends the rest of the episode blocking Arizona’s apologies. Seeing the pair fighting was a little heartbreaking, especially when it came to thinking about where Sophia, their child fit into their break-up.

The show is entering its 10th season, a mean feat for the medical drama. This season will most probably be a crucial one for the series; with the news that Sandra Oh is leaving after this year, it will be interesting to see what the other original main cast do when their contracts are up for renewal. For now though, the season looks like it’s going to be filled with more classic Grey’s heartache.


Meredith: If I say, “Bailey peed on me,” I think it’s safe to assume it’s my son (Grey’s Anatomy 10.1)

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