About Time

About Time is a romantic-comedy on the outside, but on the inside is much more about love, family and living through those defining life moments. Starring Domnhall Gleeson, Rachel McAdams and Bill Nighy and written and directed by British filmmaker Richard Curtis, it’s a classic heart-warming movie with some great comedy moments thrown in.

The premise is relatively simple; at the age of 21, Tim (Gleeson) discovers from his father (Nighy) that he can in fact travel in time –all he has to do is go into a dark place, clench his fists and think of where he wants to go. Tim goes on a quest to find his first love and when he meets Mary (McAdams) in a restaurant, he falls head over heels. He uses his new found ability to overcome several problems for the couple including taking 3 attempts to make sure the first time they have sex is amazing.

Like I said though, the film is much more than just the love story between Tim and Mary; it takes in their life together – their first house and their first child and also focuses on Tim’s family – the troubled sister and the loss of a loved one. With the help of his time travel, Tim gets to realise that every moment counts and that sometimes just living those ordinary moments, day in and day out is life’s pleasure.

The film’s three main leads really shine in this romantic comedy, and it’s filled with some really funny moments, but also some sadness. Bill Nighy and Domnhall Gleeson have a great chemistry together, particularly in scenes with just the two of them. McAdam’s still manages to look goregeous in this movie, despite her character being a lot dowdier than others she has played in the past. She and Gleeson also make a cute pairing, and I particularly liked the montage they put together of them travelling on the tube showing the passing of time.

The movie certainly leaves you smiling and at its heart asks the audience to seize the day and live each moment to the full. The movie is certainly on a par with Curtis’ other successful movies, particularly Love Actually which is always a favourite of mine over Christmas time. It’s a light-hearted romantic film, that becomes much more than a romance, but a film about life.

Tim: Lesson number 1: All the time travelling in the world can’t make someone love you. (About Time)


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