Dannii Minogue: My Story – Autobiography

I borrowed this from a friend as I’ve wanted to read the Aussie’s life story for some time. From her time on The X Factor she struck me as a fun, poised, and good-natured woman. What I’ve found from reading her story is that she is all those things and more.

Finding fame from an early age on the Aussie television show Young Talent Time, Dannii found her star rising when she landed a role on the popular soap Home and Away recording her debut album around the same time. Even though her music career did not take off as much as her older sister Kylie, Dannii still has many accolades to her name, with her music over the years becoming much more successful on the club scene. Her music hit highs as well as lows as she suffered the disappointment of bad reviews, bad sales and also getting dropped from record labels. She talks a lot about her music, about what it means to her and as someone that doesn’t know much about her music career it left me inspired to go and find some of her hits.

As well as her music career, Dannii touches on some other career highlights, including her passion for fashion design and her time in front of television cameras as a presenter and as a talent judge on Austraila’s Got Talent and The X Factor, including speaking about her infamous feud with Sharon Osbourne which is insightful and always a good read, espeically if you’re like me and love a good gossip.

As well as her professional career, she touches upon personal stories from her childhood as well as her heartache with relationships including her marriage breakdown to Julian McMahon, and several other relationships that have suffered from long distance. I never knew how many serious relationships she had had and how much her work schedules had affected them over the years. She also discusses several other passions of hers, including her charity work supporting HIV and cancer sufferers. I was surprised to find how much cancer has touched Dannii’s life; it’s not just the much-publicised battle that her sister Kylie had, but also her good friend Terry Ronald. It was very touching reading about the loss of her good friend Laura through cancer; it seems that she still struggles with that huge loss.

As well as all this, Minogue shares many anecdotes of fun times in her life, and it seems that she does enjoy a good tipple in her downtime. She seems like a very down to earth person, even with the fame that she’s found across both sides of the pond. If you’re a fan of hers, or just simply want an easy read then I would recommend this.


“I did know one thing for sure; whatever was going on with Sharon, this certainly wasn’t the end of it. In fact, I had a feeling it was just the beginning.” (Dannii Minogue: My Story)

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