Homeland 3.1 Review “Tin Man is Down”

Homeland enters its 3rd season this year, hoping for a smoother run than the bumps it hit during its second season.

Set a time after the attack on the CIA, Brody is still missing with the whole country still thinking that he was responsible for the attack that killed 219 people. The CIA is trying to recover from the attack with Saul acting in charge. The organisation however is facing pressure regarding a senate hearing into the attack and the handling of the Brody situation. Particularly having a hard time is Carrie, as the committee is quite hostile towards her; Carrie is still championing Brody, despite her lawyer’s best efforts to sway her from that path. She seems to be back to obsessing over him and what’s more she’s off her drugs which is never good.

I always forget how wonderful Clare Danes plays Carrie, hence why she’s won so many awards for her portrayal. She plays Carrie’s skittish personality and her daily battle with her mental health brilliantly, but she is also strong-willed and determined. The senate hearing blindsides her with statements and facts regarding Brody causing her to unravel during the hearing. It also seems that being off her meds is causing her to slip back into old patterns, sleeping with a random man after meeting him at a convenience store (and it’s sad that this guy also looks quite like Brody).

The episode also focuses on the CIA and how it’s coping in the aftermath. Saul is in his new role as acting director and he’s struggling particularly with his love life and his relationship with the long-suffering wife Mira. He’s also facing pressure from all areas to find Brody quickly, and bring them to justice.

Brody’s family are taking it hard – it’s an interesting decision but a good one to have Dana try and kill herself and enter rehab during the interlude between season’s 2 and 3. They’re being hounded by the press, receiving death threats and have lost their main source of income in Brody. The family have been broken apart yet again by the loss and disappearance of Brody and it’ll be hard for them to come through it united.

It’s a good solid first episode, choosing to focus on the CIA and Brody family rather than answer the Brody question. Where is he? What has he been doing? And was he responsible for the CIA attack? Those questions I’m sure will be touched upon whilst more rise up – welcome back to Homeland!

“I don’t buy it. I don’t buy half of what you and your colleagues are selling. You’re hiding something Miss Matheson and when we find out what it is we’re gonna put the whole lot of you in jail” (Committee Chairman, Homeland 3.1)

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