Pilots: The Blacklist

This new crime drama pilot for NBC is my favourite pilot so far, albeit I have only watched two, but when I spotted this online, I thought it could be a winner and I’m glad to say it was with heaps of potential.

James Spader stars as Raymond Reddington, one of the most wanted criminals who walks into a government building and gives himself up, demanding to work with one agent -Elizabeth Keen. It’s her first day on the job and she’s been thrown in at the deep end.

What follows is an episode that is pretty much laid out fully in the 4 minute trailer that is released, however it’s a lot more fleshed out and introduces us to the cast of characters and an intriguing storyline -just why does Reddington know so much about Elizabeth and what is their connection?

Keen and her husband looks relatively normal -their looking to adopt, they look in love and they even have a dog. That’s until she finds a bunch if fake passports and money in their house. What is his secret and why does Reddington know about him. My guess is that he was planted there by Reddington to use and feed him info about him.

As well as Spader we have Harry Lennix in a power position in the FBI and fans of Homeland will recognise Diego Klattenhoff as Mike. The show kicks off with a case of a terrorist planning the kidnap of a US General’s daughter which is played with several twists and turns, which come as unexpected if you hadn’t watched the trailer (for me I had which pretty much summed up most of the plot). Reddington announces at the end if the episode that this was just the first in his list, which he calls “the Blacklist”.

The opening episode certainly brings a lot of an intriguing questions, not particularly why Reddington is so obsessed with Keen and what exactly her husband Tom is hiding. The show has a lot of promise and is led brilliant by James Spader who has an abundance of charisma and charm as the bad guy. He has a composure and swarve intelligence that he carries so well in the character: it seems that nothing fazes him. Megan Boone who plays Keen is likeable and she has great chemistry with Spader.

I’m hoping this show lives up to its great opening episode, I have high hopes for it and it’s one I’m gonna continue watching.

“It’s called the blacklist, that sounds exciting. That’s why we’re all here, of course, my wish list. It’s a list that I’ve been cultivating for 20 years. Politicians, mobsters, hackers, spies.” (The Blacklist)

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