Guilt by Jonathan Kellerman

Whilst on holiday, and after finishing the other book I’d packed, I took advantage of the library that was provided on board the cruise ship I was on and found a book by Jonathan Kellerman, an author whose series I’d read quite a lot of before. Intrigued by this 2013 publication, I quickly became engrossed finishing the book in 4 days.

Kellerman’s crime novels follow the story of child psychologist Alex Delaware, an enigmatic, intelligent, thoughtful and quite a sympathetic character that you warm to instantly. He consults for the LAPD, helping Detective Milo Sturgis friend and professional partner who is also a great character full of wit and likability. I hadn’t read the series in a while, but this book brought back good memories of the series, meaning I’ll probably start them again at some point.

The plot revolves around bones that were found in a backyard of a house, which develops into a tale of Hollywood lovers gone wrong and a string of deception and creepy murders. It’s a good read, and got me hooked right away. Perfect for a summer holiday read.

“They’ve already gone to the lab, maybe you’ll get lucky.”
He said, “That’s my middle name.”

Ant and Dec – The Autobiography

Ant McPartlin and Declan Donnelly have been in the entertainment industry for 25 years, starting their partnership on the children’s TV show Byker Grove and developing themselves into pop stars and finally entertainment presenters and national treasures. Their autobiography came out in 2009 and it’s only now that I picked up these cheeky Geordie duos’s book.

The book did take me the best part of 6 months to finish, as it remained on my shelf, only getting picked up if I was going on journeys; having said that, I really enjoyed this book. I’m a huge fan of the Geordie duo, ever since their days on SM:TV Live with Cat Deeley which was my Saturday Morning kids program of choice. I thoroughly believe they deserve all the success they have had and the love of the nation. The book itself offered a great insight into the duo and their friendship, particularly as the way it was written allowed for dual authorship – each having their own voice represented by different fonts. The book covered everything from their early days on Byker Grove, the success they had and continue to have on prime time TV, their personal lives and also plenty of brilliant anecdotes, remaining throughout the book their cheeky fun-filled selves.

It’s fair to say the book made me love them even more. Despite the fact the book took me a long time to complete, I would recommend this book to fans of the two, or just for a good autobiography.

“Throughout it all, we’ve always had one constant that’s kept us sane – each other. In two decades, we’ve never spent more than two weeks apart.”(Dec) p355