Showgirls (1995)


Recently most of the main cast of Saved by the Bell reunited on Tonight with Jimmy Fallon. They made a joke saying that Jimmy Fallon going on a date with Nicole Kidman (something that oblivious to Fallon at the time actually happened) is just as absurd as Jessie becoming a stripper. The joke went down hilariously well, due to the fact that Elizabeth Berkley indeed played a stripper soon after SBTB. Who’d have thought that the girl who played straight up, book smart Jessie would go on to star in 1995’s Showgirls?

Elizabeth Berkley is sassy, strong, sensual, sexy, and a million miles from Saved by the Bell. A girl with a past she’s running from, she tries to make it as dancer in Las Vegas and ends up making her way up from strip joint to star. It kinda reminds me of Black Swan in some respect; girls very much bitching and back-stabbing to claw their way to the top and a whole lot of mind games. 

The film doesn’t hold back in its level of nudity -Berkley delivers a performance which is human, real and quite raw, and a lot of the time she hasn’t got a whole lot of clothes on. If this movie was released in cinemas today, you’d get a lot of backlash and probably some serious editing. There’s every taboo going, particularly for that time period -there’s violence, rape, quite vivid sex scenes/lap dances and a heavy lesbian overtone. The film was not received well at the time and is still known for being an awful film. However I quite enjoyed it for what it was; a film that clearly was out of the box, especially for that time period. The chereogrsohy in the movie is slick and Berkley shows she can dance well. But she also shows she can act; from fake innocence to anger to despair, she plays a girl who’s trapped in a world that’s shady and immoral, but she at least is following her own moral path leading her on to one city at a time 

 Cristal Connors: There’s always someone younger and hungrier coming down the stairs after you. 

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