Welcome to the world and ramblings of two English graduates who enjoy watching films, reading books, and losing days to television box sets (and who clearly do not have careers yet.) What better way to use our degree than to blog our rants and raves, our musings and wisdom and share our knowledge with the world.  We write for our enjoyment so please read for your enjoyment and excuse us if we digress (I know I do don’t I Kat?)

Join our world of fun and journey with us through time, space, magic, non-magic, vampires and superheroes (but don’t worry you’ll also find some real life stuff as well) as we progress from leaving studenthood to graduatehood and to adulthood and eventually real life.

As you may have noticed, we both have VERY similar tastes in life, and it may be that you come across a review of the same thing from each of us. Some of these will be separate standalone reviews for books/films we’ve read/seen alone or at different points in time, however occasionally a big release will see us both chomping at the bit to experience it, thus creating a joint review. Don’t get scared, it’s just how our blog works, read whatever you like and enjoy out different viewpoints on the things we love.

Enjoy! Kat and Rach xxx


liebster blog award

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