50/50 – It Takes a Pair to Beat the Odds


For those of you who don’t know, this is basically a film about the big C; cancer. On first seeing the trailer, I was eager to see how Seth Rogen was going to tackle such a delicate subject especially as there had been a few jokes in it. Were those the only jokes? Was the film going to be cringe worthy crude? How was Rogen going to make cancer funny?

The story of the film was inspired by the writer Will Reiser’s own battle against cancer – in which Seth Rogen actually helped him through the ordeal and convinced him to write a screen play. The story is very inspiring, following a young man finding out he may die, his coping mechanisms, how he is treated by those around him and how real aspects of his life are affected, e.g. his sex life.

Seth Rogen plays, as always, his crazy, uncensored sex obsessed character who finds his friend (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) in the predicament of a 50/50 chance of survival. The on screen pairing is sensational, Gordon-Levitt playing the sensible, ‘living-in-the-real-world’ half of the duo, while Rogen is the complete opposite, but together they are perfect.

The film itself is not as laugh-out-loud as I first expected, certain parts do make you chuckle (mainly Rogen’s one liners) but instead you find yourself smiling along with the characters as they deal with the situations which arise. It’s the first film in quite a while where I have really felt connected to the characters, for example I was desperate for Adam (Gordon-Levitt) to hook up with his love interest (Anna Kendrick) and I was fighting back the tears when he was saying his goodbyes to his family before his operation.

The film highlights a situation which terrifies us all and I think the way the story was carried out was a lovely take on what is such a serious situation. I immediately expected it to be a story of a cancer patient wanting to do his bucket list, but it was a nice surprise to find that it was in fact a story about love, family, friendship and defeat.

A must watch on a rainy day.

“A tumor?” – Adam

“Yes.” – Dr Ross

“Me?” – Adam

“Yes.” – Dr. Ross

“That doesn’t make any sense though. I mean… I don’t smoke, I don’t drink… I recycle…” – Adam