Glee 4.02 ‘Britney 2.0’


The second episode of the new series saw the Glee Club take on Britney Spears again in order to help cheer their Brittany up – she’s been kicked off the Cheerio’s because of her grades and she’s missing Santana. The episode focuses on the real Britney’s downward spiral, and gives us hilarious spoofs such as Glee’s Brittany trying to shave off her hair and attacking a student with an umbrella (something the real Britney did rather famously during her own breakdown in 2007). Their performance of “Gimme More” at the pep rally very much resembled Britney’s performance at the 2007 VMA’s-a performance that was supposed to be her ‘comeback’ but ended up being embarrassingly awful.

Glee is also showing more sides of Jacob, particularly in regards to his love interests; he’s viewed as a bit of player among the Glee girls (with the help of the song ‘Womanizer) but Marley still holds a candle to him. The two have great chemistry and it’s endearingly sweet when he jumps to the defence of Marley and her Mom in the cafeteria. I’m starting to really like his character, although the new twist at the end with having him date Kitty does feel slightly déjà vu (can anyone say Rachel/Finn/Quinn triangle)

Meanwhile in New York, Rachel’s moved in with Kurt and he helps shed some light on Cassie July’s past-turns out she had an on stage outburst at an audience member  (hilariously acted by Hudson might I add) and since then no one will employ her. Rachel continues to have problems with her, but it seems like she is making light progress. However, the heat gets turned up considerably between Rachel and Brody this week when Rachel asks him to help with a dance she is working on to prove she can be sexy. After her argument with Cassie, he comes to see her in her new apartment with flowers and confesses that he finds her sexy. He goes in to kiss her but she rebukes him, claiming she isn’t ready because of Finn. He respects that but tells her he’ll still think about kissing her. The end of the episode brought a hint that Brody/Rachel could become a reality when the wall bearing Finn’s name and a heart around it was painted over in white. And yes I did shout at the computer screen –“yes paint over him”.

Now, I’m not saying I’m not a fan of Rachel and Finn but….WHY DID SHE TURN HIM DOWN!!! I must confess I did have a rant at my housemate (who looked slightly bewildered at my outburst). I really hope the Glee writers give these two a shot-I would love to see Rachel with someone who is as confident and self-assured as Brody clearly is. And I’m sorry Darren Criss but you are now my 2nd favourite –Brody is just yum!

This episode we get our first glimpses of 2 original Glee members– Santana (Naya Rivera) talking to Brittany over Skype and Puck (Mark Salling), who comes to meet his half-brother having been drafted in by Mr Schue to help place Jacob on the straight and narrow. Even though their appearances were brief it showed that they could fit the old members that have graduated into the show when the timings were right, something which I’m looking forward to seeing as well in the future episodes.

Next week, we definitely do see the first episode that Sarah Jessica Parker is in – last week’s promo clearly lied. We also see the battle for Class President again. I’ll leave you with my favourite performance of this week – Glee’s guitar, acoustic version of Britney Spears’ ‘3

Brittany: Kiki why is everyone in the Glee club staring at me

Kiki: Because those fools are jealous (Brittany 2.0)