Guilt by Jonathan Kellerman

Whilst on holiday, and after finishing the other book I’d packed, I took advantage of the library that was provided on board the cruise ship I was on and found a book by Jonathan Kellerman, an author whose series I’d read quite a lot of before. Intrigued by this 2013 publication, I quickly became engrossed finishing the book in 4 days.

Kellerman’s crime novels follow the story of child psychologist Alex Delaware, an enigmatic, intelligent, thoughtful and quite a sympathetic character that you warm to instantly. He consults for the LAPD, helping Detective Milo Sturgis friend and professional partner who is also a great character full of wit and likability. I hadn’t read the series in a while, but this book brought back good memories of the series, meaning I’ll probably start them again at some point.

The plot revolves around bones that were found in a backyard of a house, which develops into a tale of Hollywood lovers gone wrong and a string of deception and creepy murders. It’s a good read, and got me hooked right away. Perfect for a summer holiday read.

“They’ve already gone to the lab, maybe you’ll get lucky.”
He said, “That’s my middle name.”