Don’t Tell Mummy


Toni Maguire tells the heartbreaking story of her past, and the whole time I am reading I have to keep telling myself that The book is so well written that it is so easy to forget that the events you are reading actually happened to her, constantly I had to keep saying to myself ‘this really happened, it really, really happened’. Following her through childhood, living with little money, an abusive father and a mother who won’t come to her rescue, Maguire’s past slowly unravels.

I would definitely recommend this book, it’s an insight into the terrifying horrors abused children are subjected to, and how it affects the rest of the family’s relationships. When I first read this I didn’t know there was a sequel and so I was very disappointed when I didn’t find out how she finally managed to escape her father – and I still don’t know. But now I am aware, I am desperate to find out so I shall report back at some point.

For the time being though, go and read this book, cry for Toni, and enjoy her finally found happiness.