“Cut Loose” Footloose Review


As well as reviewing new releases, there’s always time for films that I’ve either re-watched or just got round to watching. This time it’s a re-watch of the classic 80’s musical hit Footloose starring a younger and devilishly charming Kevin Bacon, Lori Singer, John Lithgow and a Sarah Jessica Parker pre Sex and the City. The 80’s musical has since its release spawned a musical version of the film and a remake of it in 2011.

The film’s basic plot starts with the introduction of Ren McCormack (Kevin Bacon), a city boy who moves to a small town with his mother and immediately realises it is vastly different to his city living. The small town is a tight knit community, with everyone knowing each other’s business, and what’s more it has banned dancing and rock music. Ren however begins to make some friends, and also falls for Ariel (Lori Singer), the rebellious daughter of the over-protective Rev. Shaw Moore.

For anyone that has never seen this movie, I full recommend that you head on down to your local HMV and buy this movie, (you’ll more than likely find it for about £5) then head home and prepare for an all-round feel good movie, which will leave you severely foot-tapping or (if there’s no one in the house) dancing around to 80’s classics.

As well as the brilliant soundtrack, and the dancing, it features protective parents and society censorship gone mad. This film launched Kevin Bacon into a star, and one that should definitely be on the list for top 80’s films to watch. Go ahead and prepare to have the catchy soundtrack stuck in your head for days afterward.

Leave your comments about the movie below – is it one of your classic musicals to watch?


 “If we don’t start trusting our children…how will they ever become trustworthy?” Reverend Shaw Moore, Footloose