Gossip Girl – The End of an Era.


So the teen TV series following the make-believe lives of a group upper East-siders in New York (and a couple of Brooklyn wannabes) has – sadly – come to an end. After six years of following the kings and queens of gossiping and bitching, our prayers were answered; yes, the person that is the infamous ‘gossip girl’ was revealed.


If you are yet to catch up DO NOT READ ON.

So the final season was long anticipated and although certain points did (kind of) reach up to my expectations – mainly Blair and Chuck’s wedding – there were several story-lines which really let the franchise down. For example, was there really any need for Stephen and Sage to join the cast so late in the story? Was there any need for Lily to have slept with Stephen – and then for Serena to CONTINUE sleeping with him on finding out this information? I will admit I wasn’t prepared for only ten episodes of the last season, but the way it was going I don’t think I could have coped with much more of the shit they were producing. I just wanted it over and done with and knowing that they were going to reveal who gossip girl was as well as having a guest appearance from Kristen Bell herself, the final episode was welcomed with open arms. I was ready to put the program to bed.

What made Gossip Girl so great in the beginning was that the characters in it were all at school, they were young and carefree, so their awful bitching and scheming was acceptable. As the seasons went on and the characters grew older and went off to college, however the feel of the show took a turn in a way that I personally didn’t feel met the standard of the first couple of series. I found I was asking myself ‘why are these college kids still scheming and bitching?’ I was getting bored, and as the seasons went on, the bitching, scheming, scandals and story-lines became more ridiculous.  The main reason I kept watching was just to find out whether Chuck and Blair were going to end up together.

I must admit the rise and fall of Bart Bass was rather spectacular, although I couldn’t believe Lily chose him over Rufus! And then the Ivy scandal?! What?! It made me feel physically sick when I saw Rufus and Ivy ‘doing it’ on screen! (Now that must have been awkward to film). I was happy when Jenny got the boot from New York and sad that Eric made less and less appearances throughout the show.

Some final questions that still haunt me: what is the deal with Lily and Serena’s taste in the same men/ men from the same families? Whatever happened to Vanessa? Did Blair and Chuck live happily ever after? WHY IS DAN GOSSIP GIRL???