Genesis – by Karin Slaughter

So Kat is currently enjoying the sun on holiday so I am holding down the fort here at OBOB HQ. I’ve been a little quiet recently which I apologise about. Anyway on to the review….

Karin Slaughter is perhaps my favourite crime writer; after reading her ‘Grant County’ series I fell in love with her style of writing, the twists and turns that are never ending with honest character storytelling whilst still being inventive with crimes.

This novel incorporates the characters from her ‘Grant County’ series and the Will Trent/Faith Mitchell series. Even though I haven’t read the latter series, I was intrigued as to how the character of Sara Lynton would fit into the story (I won’t spoil what has happened in previous books – they are definitely worth a read!)

In this book, after a woman who is run over in the middle of the night is brought in to A&E and is found to have evidence of torture and trauma on her body, Detectives Will Trent and Faith Mitchell uncover an underground torture chamber and evidence that there is more than just this one victim.

I hadn’t read a Karin Slaughter novel in a long time and this book reignited my love of her books. The integration of both her series worked well, and the characters gelled well together. The storyline was intriguing and as gruesome as her previous novels however, I felt the ending was a little rushed with the resolution of the storyline happening quite quickly. Despite this I really enjoyed this story, and I have now vowed to re-read the other Karin Slaughter novels. The characters are three-dimensional, each with their own personal trials and tribulations and the plot is fast-paced, and moves the story along quickly.

If you do decide to start reading Karin Slaughter, I would advise you to start with her first ‘Grant County’ novel entitled Blindsighted – I promise you won’t regret it.

“Get a search team out here!”, Will rasped.

“What’re you talkin’– “

Will looked at the piece of broken tooth in his hand. “There’s another victim!”

(p59 Genesis)