The Hobbit – Paper Edition

The Hobbit flat cover

With the release of The Hobbit soon to hit the big screen I decided that I could no longer put off the classic novel by J.R.R.Tolkien, so I added it to my Christmas list and finished it last night. I have mixed views. Okay, I have one view: it was so BORING.

Yes I know you are squealing with disgust at that last comment and quite frankly, disagree all you like. I accept that I am in the minority, going on the success trilogy’s franchise that precedes and the franchise alone for the Hobbit, I am aware that my views are not in line with society’s. I wanted to enjoy it, I really did -hence it making it to the Christmas list- but I just didn’t. I was willing the end to come, dwarfs kept getting into trouble and needed a hobbit’s help – that was it. That was all that happened. I was bored, bored of reading, but having to finish it just in case something amazing was going to happen which all the fuss was made about. But it didn’t, the amazingness didn’t come.

The beginning had a slight hook – I was intrigued as to how the adventure would unfold, but even now as I try to write this review I cannot recall in what order the events happened. I must say, I did enjoy the chapter with Gollum, but this may just have something to do with the fact that Gollum is a world renowned character from the franchise and I was just happy to recognise someone and finally be in with the crowd. I was also happy to find out where the ring came from – stocking up information for when I eventually see Lord of the Rings (yes, I know I should read them, but after The Hobbit I can’t quite face them).

Another downside I faced was the way the book was written, and I find this with a lot of books which have been written in a past time and republished for modern reading; the English. If you’re going to republish what you want to be a classic – please update the wording. Even I struggled to read some parts and this book is meant to be for kids?! Is there any need for phrases like ‘QUOTE’ why not just write ‘MODERN QUOTE’ and make it easier. I know I’m complaining about the trivial but it really does annoy me. Someone’s going to be proof reading it anyway, why not just change the needed bits to modern English?

So all in all, I didn’t enjoy the book and now I’m looking less forward to the film and the LOTR trilogy I have on my DVD shelf waiting to be watched. Maybe they’ll spark something and all will become clear.