Glee 4.01 ‘The New Rachel’

Season 4 of Glee returned last Thursday over in America with a solid first episode filled with plenty of catchy musical renditions, some great new additions to the cast and a good balance of New York and Ohio.

Rachel’s started classes at NYADA and she has the dance teacher from Hell – the school’s version of Sue Sylvester Cassandra July (Kate Hudson), and she’s finding it tough in New York by herself. She soon finds an ally in Brody, a junior at the school who takes a shine to her. Meanwhile, at McKinley the New Directions are still popular following their Nationals win, Wade (aka Unique and Glee Project runner up Alex Newell) joins New Directions and himself, Blaine, Tina and Brittany fight it out to become the ‘New Rachel’. Also, Kurt is still in Ohio, trying to find a stable job but by the end of the episode he’s joined Rachel in New York.

I always thought that with other seasons (with the exception of the pilot episode) the opening episodes were always slightly weak, in terms of song choices and storylines. However, this season’s opener was quite strong, filled with 5 good music numbers and a sense of a new direction for the show now that some of the originals have graduated. Even though they are all still signed up, we won’t be seeing them every week gracing the halls of McKinley. However it doesn’t mean to say the newbies aren’t up to scratch. I LOVE Marley Rose (Melissa Benoist), she has a gorgeous voice and her character could definitely be an interesting one, with already a couple of love interests. Puck’s younger brother Jake (Jacob Artist) also seems intriguing, particularly with his anger issues. Also, let’s take a moment to acknowledge the incredibly good looking Brody (Dean Geyer) – wow he’s charming, has a great voice, is hot and has an Australian accent is real life(he may overtake Darren Criss as my favourite cast member). Lastly, can I just point out how hot Kate Hudson is; wow-can she sing and dance! She sizzled sexiness and those catty put downs definitely gave Sue Sylvester a run for her money.

Although one thing I will say is that it I didn’t like the Glee club’s attitude this week – cutting off Jake half way through his song, and also their cockiness because of their popularity just seemed very un-Glee. Although this was pretty much rectified at the end of the episode when the club apologised to Marley for their bullying of her mum (who I also love) and the two newcomers were slushied by the popular kids. I just hope the show continues to have a strong season, as it could be crucial to the show’s longevity.

The next episode is the 2nd Britney Spears tribute episode that the show has done and also brings the first episode for the show’s other big guest star Sarah Jessica Parker.

Also I will leave you with my favourite musical number of the episode, coming at the end of the episode, showcasing the talents of newcomer Marley. (I would also be lying if I said I didn’t shed a couple of tears at the end when Rachel saw Kurt)

Sue: Kitty is my new head bitch. She’s like a young Quinn Fabray, except she’s not pregnant, manic-depressive, or in and out of a wheelchair.(The New Rachel)

Music Madness – Americano/Dance Again

SO Glee is back for its fourth season this Thursday in America, so I thought I’d share this track from the its first episode sang by the fabulous (and looking fit in this video) Kate Hudson -who knew she had that voice?! This mash up is great and it promises new and exciting things from Glee – fingers crossed it’s a strong opening episode!