Pilots: The Crazy Ones

The Crazy Ones is a new comedy which stars Robin Williams in his first major venture into TV alongside Sarah Michelle Gellar as a father daughter team running an advertising company. The dad is a class wacky, zany person with lots of grand ideas to back him up, whilst the daughter is desperately trying to reel him in.

First impressions of this show; it makes me chuckle which is a good start to have for a comedy. Williams and Gellar also have a lovely rapport on screen, each with polar opposite characteristics but a good partnership. Williams brings his usual theatrical, energetic personality to his character Simon, whereas Gellar’s Sydney is much more reserved as the long suffering daughter; Gellar brings some fantastic facial expressions and despite her past roles not being in comedy, she’s shown some of her skills in previous roles and further proven she has a comedic flair with this one

The rest of the supporting cast are fine as well – particularly the character of Zach who seems to follow along with Simon’s zany ideas, bouncing off Williams’ character and the two actors shared a good energy together. The episode is also helped by representing a brand everyone has heard of (McDonald’s) but also having the power of a celebrity guest star in the form of Kelly Clarkson. They try and convince her to record an advertising campaign for the company, but Clarkson has other ideas and admits to wanting to ‘sex up’ her image which leads to her and Zach performing a particularly hilarious duet,
Overall, an enjoyable first impression -the promo for the 2nd episode also made me laugh so I’ll be sticking with this for now. Let’s hope that with a change in genre and the power of Robin Williams’ move to TV this show fairs better for Gellar than her last venture into TV (ah Ringer)

Sydney: This is a sex song!
Simon: I know, isn’t it fantastic! (The Crazy Ones)