The Cripple of an Inishmaan

Early on in July, I took the opportunity to see another play in the Michael Grandage season at the Noel Coward theatre, this time to see Daniel Radcliffe (better known as the boy who lived, Harry Potter) appear in The Cripple of an Inishmaan.

Daniel Radcliffe stars as Billy, a cripple that lives in a small community in Ireland. The play says a lot about the way a small community interacts together and presents it in a very humorous way, as well as creating a sense of sympathy and pathos for the character of Billy. All the cast are great in this production, and it is a very funny play. Some of the actors use authentic accents and the ones that don’t put across great versions of it. The accents are a little hard to understand at first, but you get used to it soon enough.

To be honest, after coming out of the play I thought about it and I found I cared more for the other characters that I did for Billy, despite the fact the play is named after him. Having said, the character doesn’t feature that heavily in the play, with periods at a time where the character doesn’t appear.  Even though Dan put in a great performance, squashing the last of the critics claiming he can’t act, I connected more with some of the other actors on stage, particularly the aunts.  It’s also certainly a play that you have to pay attention to – a lot of the jokes tend to be ongoing one’s so if you missed the link the first time, then you may not laugh as much as some audience members.

This play was great and I had an enjoyable evening, although it was interesting to see that Radcliffe was not the best thing I enjoyed about the production, despite the fact he was the reason I had booked it. If you do go and see it, you’ll have to be quick as the production only runs to the end of August. If you have hopes of trying to meet him at the Stage Door after the production however – don’t hold your breath. I’ve never seen a scrum like it – disorganised, poor and quite frankly a little dangerous.