Music Madness-It’s Time

Okay, because I’m greedy there’s two musical delights today!
This is from the American band Imagine Dragons and its their first single from their brand new album-they’ve just started to become known in America and they’re about to get an even bigger boost as Glee’s Darren Criss (Blaine) is doing a cover of this song in the opening episode of Glee. As much as I love Glee (and Darren) the original is better and is incredibly catchy!
New favourite band alert!!!

Music Madness – Americano/Dance Again

SO Glee is back for its fourth season this Thursday in America, so I thought I’d share this track from the its first episode sang by the fabulous (and looking fit┬áin this video) Kate Hudson -who knew she had that voice?! This mash up is great and it promises new and exciting things from Glee – fingers crossed it’s a strong opening episode!