Cheryl Cole – My Story – Kat’s Review

Rach has already reviewed this book so I won’t linger too much on the subject but just thought I would add my thoughts.
What a lovely little read this is. I’ve gone off reading autobiography of late, and I put this down to having read so many, but when waiting for a train I picked up Chezza’s read the first page then had to have it. Since then I couldn’t put it down. I didn’t realise how much she had been through in her life, what background she came from and how shooting to stardom had had devastating effects.
Originally she was one of those girls I didn’t really care for, but then seeing her on Piers Morgan’s LIFE STORIES, I immediately fell in love with the Geordie, after reading this book even more so.
She talks about her deepest sorrows, her biggest struggles and times in her life when she truly felt at the end. It just goes to show how well fake smiles can be perfected. Reading how the press affected her life, I am sad that I was a reader who Googled what she was wearing, rated who looked better out of her and Dani, and was annoyed at her for taking Ashley back after the first allegations about his cheating were made. Reading her book made me see her side; it shed a different light on her situation. I recommend this book to anyone, if you’re already a fan of her you’ll only fall more in love, and if you’re not keen, then you’ll grasp more of an understanding of what the demands of celebrity can do.
‘You might have the shoes, but you can’t walk to the corner shop in them’ – Cheryl Cole