Glee Top 50 -Part 2

Before I carry on with Part 2 of my Glee Top 50 post, I’d just like to announce that this is One Blonde and One Brunette’s 150th post! Myself and Kat have achieved this in just under a year and a half and to end our first full year of blogging on a great milestone is lovely. Thanks to everyone who comments, likes and also follows our blog, we hope you continue to like the stuff we write about.

So, carrying on with the top 50 starting with Number 26 (Please note I decided not to include any songs from Season 5)

26. I feel pretty/unpretty

Lea Michele and Dianna Agron hardly ever sing lead vocals together, but this duet is a gorgeous mash-up of these two voices. This episode is filled with some great covers and is also responsible for No. 27…

27. Born This Way

Lady Gaga’s huge hit quickly became a huge anthem for the New Directions as well – the performance is complete with the kids wearing white t-shirts with what their most insecure about – everything from ‘Trouty Mouth’ to ‘Lucy Caboose’.

28. Go Your Own Way

From the tribute episode for Fleetwood Mac, this classic song is sung passionately by Rachel, aimed squarely at Finn, still hurt by Finn and Quinn’s new found relationship. The song really suits Michele’s voice and it’s great to hear her belt out this classic.

29. Rolling in the Deep

Quite possible one of my all time favourite Glee songs. I loved the original version by Adele and when I heard Glee were covering this I was a little sceptical at first – but then I heard it…and then I watched the episode and I fell in love with this cover. Sang as a duet by Lea Michele and guest star Jonathan Groff, it’s gorgeous and packs a punch.

30. Jar of Hearts

Rachel sings this at the Prom, whilst watching Finn and Quinn dance in the distance – she again directs this across to Finn, and you can sense the furtive glances he’s given her when Quinn isn’t watching. It’s heartbreaking and another brilliant solo number from Lea Michele.

31. I’m not gonna teach your boyfriend how to dance with you

Another solo performance from Darren Criss – also sang at the Prom; this is a preppy number, a style of song that Criss does extremely well and it works brilliantly with him on lead, along with some help from a few New Directioners.

32, I Love New York, New York

From the Season finale, the New Directions head to New York to try their luck at Nationals glory – beforehand though they have a chance to explore New York, and whilst in the performance they have some great location shoots, it’s also a great cast number that showcases quite a few of their singing talents.

Season 3

33. Rumour has it/Somebody like you

New season, and a slightly new format for the first half as New Directions split when Mercedes, quickly followed by Santana start to feel left out. Newly formed Trouble Tones quickly become a force to be reckoned with, particularly with this mash-up, easily my favourite mash-up. Again two Adele songs feature centre stage and again it’s brilliantly covered.

34. I’m a survivor/Survivor

Another Trouble Tones mash up, this time of the Gloria Gaynor cheesy club classic and Destiny’s Child’s huge number. Even though this didn’t manage to win them Sectionals, I thought it was a fantastic number.

35. We Are Young

At the end of Sectionals, Quinn extends a olive branch to Santana, Mercedes and Brittany to re-join the New Directions and this song plays out at the end where they take the offer and the group is unified once again. The song by Fun is made its own by the group and it does bring a tear to my eye when I watch the performance.

36. Bad

The first song from the Michael Jackson tribute episode – lead vocals by Blaine and the boys of New Directions as they battle the Warblers. It’s full of punch and a great cover of  a classic.

37. Smooth Criminal

This is probably my favourite song from the Michael Jackson tribute episode – how they re-imagined this song as a duet with the violins added is just brilliant. It’s a real battle and Naya Rivera and Grant Gustin sing it wonderfully.

38. Stereo Hearts

Poppy and catchy, this song from the Valentine’s episode of Glee is brilliant – with lead vocals from Glee Project winner Samuel Larsen –it’s a winner.

39. Love Shack

The end of the episode features this song, brilliantly sung by Darren Criss’ Blaine who was mostly absent from the show in order for the actor to appear in a short Broadway run of How to Succeed in Business without really Trying. He returns to end the episode with this classic pop song and its brilliantly done.

40. Cough Syrup

In an emotionally charged Regional’s episode, this song sung by Blaine is played as the backdrop for a shocking moment in Glee. A strand had been developing with Dave Karofsky and his hidden homosexuality and it blew up at the beginning of the episode as kids at his school found out. He tries to commit suicide as this is sung; it’s a beautiful song and haunting with what’s played out.

41. Hungry like the wolf/ Rio

The first of two duets from Blaine and his brother Cooper aka Darren Criss and guest star Matt Bomer. This Duran Duran mash up is brilliant, Bomer and Criss have an excellent chemistry and the singing is fantastic.

42. Somebody that I used to Know

The second duet between the Anderson brothers and this is also one of my favourite songs from the Glee Cast. Singing the years massive hit by Gotye, they manage to take the song and adapt it to fit their brotherly discord. Again wonderfully sung, and by the end of it I wished that Matt Bomer was staying for every single episode.

43. How will I Know

With the sudden death of legendary singer Whitney Houston, Glee scrambled to make a tribute episode and this song opened that episode. Rachel, Mercedes, Kurt and Santana all take equal vocals in this and it’s a brilliant way to open the tribute.

44. Mean

This was originally sung by Taylor Swift but I love this version sung by Puck and Coach Beiste – each battling their own demons, but bonding by trying to get through them together.

45. Paradise by the Dashboard Light

Meatloaf’s rock ballad is the crowning glory of the New Directions Nationals victory – it’s a group effort and its sung wonderfully.

Season 4

46. Americano/Dance Again

We enter Season 4, and in the first episode we’re introduced to a brand new fantastic guest star – Kate Hudson. She plays Rachel Berry’s dance teacher at NYADA and she’s a bit of a bitch. But this mash-up as an introduction is sizzling and leaves you wanting more of Cassandra July.

47. The Scientist

I love this rendition of Coldplay’s ‘The Scientist’ – combining 4 different coupling’s of Glee who each had a tough time during the episode entitled ‘The Break-Up’ it’s easily one of my favourite songs from the show.

48. 3

From the second Britney tribute episode, this probably is not top of most people’s minds when thinking of the best Glee songs, but I like the stripped back version the cast did for this and the vocals really blend together nicely.

49. Anything Could Happen

A brilliant group number as the New Directions take on this Ellie Goulding song.

50. We Will Rock You

My final pick is a great one – it’s a group effort with this number and the beat that is made by the bins and other drum based stuff is brilliant and completely makes the song.


Sue: William, I have in my spanks at all times a list of THE worst songs ever performed by the Glee club. And I would appreciate it if you would no reprise any of the following numbers: Number 1 – ‘Run Joey Run’ – you should literally apologise to America for that one. Number 2 the ingenious mash-up of ‘Crazy in Love’ and ‘Hair’. Now I know you must have been pretty tired when you put that baby together.” (Glee 2.20, Prom Queen)