The Vault – Ocean’s Thirteen


As I mentioned earlier this year I have only just stumbled upon the Ocean’s trilogy and added them to my list of favourite films; the first shooting straight to my top five, and the third not far behind! Twelve was my least favourite of the three but I think this was mainly just down to the story line compared to the other two – I like the plots revolving entirely around casinos. Then again, Julia Roberts playing the certain character at the end of film two was a sensational bit of scriptwriting that can only be used once in a blue moon and only when the timing is perfect – F.Y.I this was it.

Ocean’s Thirteen sees us catch up with all the original gang plus an appearance from Eddie Izzard and one more unsuspected member – which I won’t give away here.

Young Matt Damon is coming into his acting career having a bigger part in this film, not only is he on screen more he also has a bigger part to play in the story, while Brad Pitt seems to take more of a back seat.

Although George Clooney’s one liners are still top notch and his and Pitt’s chemistry is like none other, I came away wanting more of the two on screen together – but that could be saying something about my taste in male Hollywood actors rather than the screen play for Ocean’s Thirteen.

I am amazed at how much I actually love these films, and cannot stress enough how much you must watch all of them. Do it, and do it now!!!!


Relationships can be… Rusty

Sure. Danny

But they’re also… Rusty

That’s right. Danny