Real Steel


I watched this film with little expectations of it being anything special, despite the trailer being rather enticing; the prospect of Hugh Jackman staring in a Transformers wannabe was too much to have any real excitement over.

However, I stand corrected. Despite being very predictable, this film is awesome!! Yeh okay the predictability does have a slight niggle at you during certain parts, but by the end you’ve totally forgotten about it and are literally sitting on the edge of your seat, shouting at the screen in sheer anticipation of what is happening.

Based on a father and son taking on the world of robot boxing, starting at the bottom and making their way to the top, it is clear that John Gatnis (screenplay writer) has been inspired by a certain famous boxing storyline….Rocky (and maybe a little bit of Robot Wars – YouTube this if you do not know what it is and you will see the resemblance).

Don’t worry, this is nothing like Transformers, and doesn’t try to be in any way. It’s a story about family bonding, shared passions and determination; definitely one to watch if you’re looking for something with a happy ending.