Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2 Joint Review

SO, seeing as Kat and I are both very big fans of Twilight (although I say Kat probably beats me as she has read the books as well), we decided that rather than both do separate blogs, we would do one big joint blog!

Warning –spoilers will follow.

Rachel: We both saw the movie at different times and even in different locations!  I lined up for the midnight showing of the movie; the cinema was filling up as it was totally sold out, as I waited in anticipation for it to start.

Kat: After a year of waiting, going through a major heartbreak which I thought I was never going to recover from, the moment was finally here.

R+K: Where to start?

R: Bill Condon returns to direct the 2nd part of Breaking Dawn and we pick up right where the first one ended, with Bella awakening from her sleep into a full blown Vampire – just what she always wanted! It’s interesting to see Bella, a character who as she put it in Eclipse ‘stumbles through life’ move through her new one gracefully, easily dispatching a mountain lion as her first kill.  I must admit, Kristen Stewart should be a vampire more often – her make-up was beautiful throughout the film, and I saw more than one emotion from her!

K: No Oscars are going to be won, especially none for best lead actress, *hisses*. For the last four films we have seen Isabella Swan rock jeans and sneakers, a beautiful make-up less face and pull off a incredible broken heart while still looking remotely human, the fifth film comes along and oh she’s now in dresses…wasn’t she the one who in Twilight DIDN’T want to go prom dress shopping? Excuse me? This is so out of character for her, her whole vampire trait in the book was that she stayed relatively close to her human self, and this totally wrecked it for me. She doesn’t suit the dresses they were putting her in, she’s far too skinny. Yes I see they were trying to make her more ‘vampire beautiful’ and mumsy for the film, but I don’t feel it worked. The red contacts however: yes.

R: I agree about the red contacts although I guess the different style of dress is to make her fit in with the rest of the Cullen clan. I personally loved her fierce loyalty towards Renesmee, despite her being a newborn vampire. It did all seem quite easy for her to fight her urges throughout the film, and her reaction to Jacob imprinting on her baby daughter was over-reactive to say the least “You named my daughter after the Loch Ness monster!”

K: I know you love it Rach, but please, I nearly puked in my mouth when Bella scrams ‘you named my daughter after the Loch Ness monster?’ I don’t even want to talk about my feelings towards that. Yes the Twilight Saga has seen some good one-liners, Eclipse being the best for them, but these just seem to be ‘trying too hard’ to be pulled off successfully.

R:  I remember laughing at certain points but honestly cannot remember any more of the jokes. As the film rounds off Bella’s first day as a vampire, we get the scene that we’ve been waiting for – the vampire sex scene. It’s quite steamy, and I did feel slightly awkward watching it. I think the most awkward part is that because it’s a 12A over in the UK it means children around 8/9 will watch it, probably with their parents – I would certainly shield their eyes at this point.

K: We’ve waited four films worth for the vampire on vampire love scene, and that is what we got? I couldn’t even tell if it was Bella and Edward. A clear example of when a 12A rating to get more money at the box office can wreck key pieces of story-line.

R: As their daughter grows every day (and can we just say what an awesome little actress Mackenzie Foy is; she’s adorable and she has great chemistry with Kristen, Rob and Taylor), trouble is brewing and the Volturi decide to rage all out war with them. It brings the Cullen’s on high alert, recruiting old friends and new from all around the world which introduces some great new characters – my favourites being the cousins from Alaska who we met briefly at the wedding and Garrett (Lee Pace) the vampire from Carlisle’s past. But getting to the part we were all waiting for – the change!

K: I must explain, unlike Rach, I fell in love with the Twilight saga through the books, so when the film didn’t quite stick to the words on the pages, you can probably guess I wasn’t best pleased.

R: I’ve read Twilight and I’m currently half way through New Moon, but I must admit when I heard that they had ‘changed’ the ending to the story I thought it was silly – it’s a book adaptation meaning you don’t just suddenly make up something to fit into the movie.

K: The moment Carlisle’s head got ripped off I turned to my friend to scream-whisper ‘DID THIS HAPPEN IN THE BOOK?!?!’ not believing my own memory, and crossed the DVD off my Christmas list. I carried on quietly fuming as the next 15 minutes played out, slowing getting more and more angry as the scene unfolded only to be rescued, like the rest of the audience, by the major twist being revealed.

R: I was happily calm until I realised Carlisle’s had been killed, and I was in utter shock, along with the rest of the cinema. You could collectively hear the gasps, and the panic through the cinema screen. As more characters kept dying, I was slowly panicking more, having no clue whether this had happened in the book or not. When it was finally revealed that it had all been a part of Alice’s vision to Aro, the entire cinema erupted into nervous laughter and huge sighs of relief.

K: I won’t deny that the twist was spectacular and an exceptional experience for all those involved, but it varied so far from the book that it did change my feelings towards the end film. The worst diversion (apart from the twist) was the involvement of Charlie. In the books it is clear that he knows about Bella being a vampire, it’s not spelled out to him, but it is clear that he knows and he spends so much more time with the family. He’s barely touched on in the film, apart from Jacob stripping for him and turning into a wolf, and this annoys me greatly (not the stripping part obviously).

R: Certainly not the stripping part! I was glad that we got to at least see some of Charlie in this film – I do love Billy Burke and he brings a comedic and loveable element to the film. After the (pretend) battle sequence, the film quickly wraps up, inferring that the Cullen’s, Jake and the wolf pack all live harmoniously in Forks together, but not before a cringe-worthy flashback sequence of Bella and Edward’s love story.

K: The montage of love scenes *says with a soppy voice* between the two and how far they’ve come over the past four film is just a waste of time. It’s clear you’ve ran out of things to do, and what makes it worse is that we’re still recovering from the Kirsten cheating scandal so we don’t want to be reminded of how good it was – yes it’s totally different but it somewhat reflects the coupe in real life as its part of their journey together. To follow this, the credits. Oh I’m sorry did we not say thank you to everyone when they were in the film they actually appeared in? Yes it was nice to pay tribute to those who have been part of the saga, but was it really necessary? Not for me, again another time waster.

R: See I really liked the end credit sequence – I thought it was a nice, heart-warming moment, giving each actor from every movie their moment in the sun, driving home the idea that the franchise was like ‘a family’.

I feel the final movie to the franchise is a good send off, filled with drama and tension and one that fans of the movie franchise won’t be disappointed with. I’ll be adding it to the DVD’s I’ll buy to complete my collection, but it certainly hasn’t left a hole in my life now that it’s over (that mantle belongs to the Harry Potter films). Hopefully Stephanie Meyer will not try and resurrect this franchise and I believe it’s come its rightful end.

K: I know I’ve slated the film like mad, but believe it or not I did enjoy it, and I will be awaiting the DVD, mainly so I have the complete set, but I can’t say I was overly impressed. I didn’t come out of the cinema wanting to go back in and watch it a second time, which upsets me greatly. I think I’m ready to finish the chapter and close the book on the twilight saga.


“The packs will fight. We’ve never been afraid of vampires.” (Jacob, Breaking Dawn part 2)

Jodie Foster defends Kristen Stewart, blasts the public for ‘destroying childhoods’



Very interesting hearing Jodie Foster’s thoughts on the way the media treat actors, particularly in relation to Kristen Stewart. As a veteran of the industry, and one that directly worked with Kristen very early on in her career, her insight into Kristen as a young child actress is powerfully written and does strike a nerve especially as her career seems to be hitting some bumps.

The fact she was DROPPED from the Snow White and the Huntsman sequel was I thought, a little too far. There is no word on Rupert Sanders fate but, ‘cheating’ is a two person game and people will never get to hear what really happened and who was the pursuing who. I think it is slightly unfair to punish her yet leave Sanders go ‘unpunished’ professionally.

Now that Robert Pattinson is performing press duties for his new film, the awkward questions are starting to appear and he is handling them with grace, wit and a smile, whilst reporters are for the most part avoiding using Stewart’s name and being blunt with the actor. However, once Kristen begins to reappear into the public, and especially in 2 months time when Press begins for the last installment of the Twilight franchise-the s**t is gonna hit the fan!



“Eventually this all passes. The public horrors of today eventually blow away. And yes, you are changed by the awful wake of reckoning they leave behind. You trust less. You calculate your steps. You survive.” Jodie Foster