The Joys of Full Time Employment

So, this week has seen the start of my brand new job and my first taste of a 9-5, graduate, working real life. Even though after I finished my final year I had a temporary part time job (which pretty much turned into full time), it was unsociable hours and I got used to long lie-ins so the prospect of getting up before 9am was a shock to my system, considering the last time I was in this routine was when I was a sixth form student.

The week isn’t over yet (one more day) but I’m already incredibly tired. It didn’t necessary help that I decided after finishing my day, I would then go socialise until 10/11pm at night, thus tiring myself out even further. I do however love having a job – the role isn’t necessary something I saw myself doing –it’s IT help for a global company, but without knowing all the technical information. Even though I had endless lie-ins, no sort of restrictions with my time and my endless hours camped out with my laptop, films and TV, I was getting quite bored with it all, and my lack of money was becoming an issue.

It’s a great feeling to be employed so quickly after I graduated, knowing that I am employable and that life after being a student in full time education is exciting and a new challenge. It will take me a while to get used to the job, the people and the general routine of it all, but I do know that at the minute, I feel incredibly thankful that life is still good.